Improvements to Link Builder – January, 2011

Posted by Wordtracker on 5 Jan, 2011
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New features added to Link Builder in January 2011.

We'll be adding some significant features to Link Builder from Thursday, January 6th.

The features:

1) Increasing the default number of results we provide from 1000 to 2000 for each URL you analyze. Plus allowing you to access 7500 results for in-depth investigation of URLs.

2) Automatically analyzing the root domain of any URL - if you're researching, we'll also provide you with an analysis of

3) Allowing you to find a large number of link prospects, already sorted into categories, by combining results from a number of competitors.

And a bit more detail:

1) Increased results

We now give you many more results - you can now see the top 2000 linking domains for any URL.And if you want to explore in depth, you have the option of having 7500 linking domains, though this will be a bit slower as there is a lot of useful information to process.


To ‘Show links’ all you have to do is click on the number of linking domains. So to see the top links to, just click on 17,171 and so on.


In the example above, we’ve analyzed the top 10 results for the keyword mountain bikes. We return the results in the same order they appear in the search engine results. That’s great for analyzing pages that are beating you for specific keywords.

2) Analyzing root domains

In addition, we now automatically analyze the root domain of each result. This means you get links to all the sub-domains and so you can find more high quality link prospects.


3) Combine linking domains

Combining the results for a number of your competitors or leading sites in your market gives you a very quick way of finding a large number of link prospects, already sorted into categories.

Just select the URLs you want and hit ‘Combine links’.


We’ll automatically combine them and sort them into categories ready for you to build campaigns.

This process can take a few minutes but we’ll show your progress:

combine done

In the results below you’ll see (1) that the top linking domains for all the chosen URLs have been combined into a single set of 13,965 and have been automatically sorted into categories (2).

combined results

Your comments or suggestions for any new features are very welcome.

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