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Posted by Wordtracker on 10 Jan, 2011
View comments Link Building gives some great link building tips in "Guest Blogging Tips: Link Baiting vs. Guest Blogging"

By Ken McGaffin gives some great link building tips in "Guest Blogging Tips: Link Baiting vs. Guest Blogging"

I really enjoyed reading "Guest Blogging Tips: Link Baiting vs. Guest Blogging" from

He hits the nail on the head early with his opinion on how link building has changed:

"During the past few years, link building has changed drastically. At least, for me it has. Where it used to be part of SEO, link building has turned into a search engine friendly way of marketing. PR (the Google version) has been replaced by PR (the old-fashioned version) and Indian link building armies have been replaced by creative copywriters."

I couldn't agree more. Wiep goes on to add more gems:

Define: Content

"An article is probably the most common form of content, but there are many more content types you could use during a link building campaign. Just a few examples: applications, audio files, awards, badges, blog posts, contests, eBooks, FAQ lists, glossaries, guides, how-tos, images, infographics, interviews, link lists, maps, news, press releases, quizzes, reports, research, reviews, testimonials, tools, tutorials, videos or widgets."

Goals and audiences

"...You either publish content that is targeted at a general audience (for example a regular blog post or the home page of your website), or you try to target a specific audience."

Where to find guest publishing targets

"Take a close look at the people you know, for example in their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, and try to find out if they are connected to high profile websites in a relevant industry. It does not matter if it is a blog, website, or a portal – as long as it is relevant. Contact the people who are directly or indirectly connected to such websites, and discuss the possibilities of hosting content on these sites."

How to approach third party websites

"It always starts with sending a message. Whether it is sending an email, a quick call, using a contact form, or a DM’ing via a social network; you need to send a brief note asking if they would be interested in publishing guest content."

Who to target first?

"Blogs and websites that publicly show that they are looking for guest writers, for example with a ‘write for us’ button or link or by being member of a guest blogging network, are the easiest to approach."

Getting the most out of externally hosted content

"...make sure you bring your best work, as you do not want to be known for writing mediocre content."

For lots more great tips check out the full article at "Guest Blogging Tips: Link Baiting vs. Guest Blogging"

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