Introduction to Get Links! Week 2 - Link Prospecting

Posted by Ken McGaffin on 13 Sep, 2012
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Introduction to the Get Links! video training course: Week 2 - Link Prospecting from Wordtracker, the leading keyword research tool

Ken McGaffin explains what you'll be learning during Week 2 of the Get Links! video training course.

Master Profitable Link Building in 7 Weeks

Edit - the Wordtracker Link Builder tool is no longer available however you're welcome to check out the Link Prospector tool by Citation Labs here.

Sign up for Wordtracker's “Get Links!” video course (with a year's subscription to the Link Builder tool thrown in) and in the second week you'll learn:

1) How backlink analysis reveals the links you really must have
2) How to force Google to serve up the exact link prospects you're after
3) How an army of 'list creators' can be your secret link building weapon
4) How broken links on external sites can win you a ton of links




Week 1


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