Now is the time for omnichannel retail [infographic]

Posted by Wordtracker on 12 Oct, 2021
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Our shopping habits changed dramatically during the pandemic. Which trends will stick and how much will revert to previous habits?

Delighted surveyed 1,200 shoppers across the US to try and guage changes in shopping habits and preferences,  to see which changes are likely to be permanent. Its conclusion: the effects of the pandemic mean that omnichannel is here to stay.  It's the new normal and customers expect to hop between channels based on what they find most convenient.

When the pandemic hit, retailers had to pivot and adapt quickly, introducing new proceses such as increased curbside delivery, just to stay afloat.  With ever increasing time spent online, it's clear that online and offline will co-exist and increasingly integrate to provide a customized, seamless and convenient experience for the shopper.

Check out the infographic for insights into the full survey, including social commerce as the next big trend, factors affecting online and offline shopping experiences, and demographic breakdowns.

Source: Delighted

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