Why isn't your content going viral?

Posted by Alex Goodwill on 7 May, 2014
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A lack of emotional appeal is just one of the factors that could be preventing your content from going viral.

When it comes to getting your content noticed on the internet, everyone is hoping for one outcome – for it to go viral. However, it can be near impossible to predict exactly how or when any type of content will achieve this status on the internet. All we can do as content creators is strive to make out content as shareable as possible.

If your content is not going viral, then it is important to identify why not!

Viral content can be very varied. It could be a blog post, a video, a photograph or even a single status update, but the one thing that all viral content has in common is that it appeals to the audience's emotions. If you can spark a strong reaction in the viewer/reader then they will be far more likely to share your content with their friends or followers.

It probably goes without saying that positive emotions will provoke more positive responses than negative ones. With that in mind you will want to focus on prompting interest, amazement, curiosity, admiration and amusement. For example, try making your reader laugh by relating an amusing anecdote that illustrates the point that you are trying to make or share something inspirational about a hero in your particular niche.

A lack of emotional appeal is just one of the factors that could be preventing your content from going viral. For more details about this topic, you might like to consult the infographic below which outlines '5 reasons your awesome content isn't going viral'.

Five Reasons Your Awesome Content Isn't Going Viral

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