Web design trends and statistics 2021 [infographic]

Posted by Wordtracker on 29 Mar, 2021
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Combatting short attention spans and high levels of competition, this year calls for a user-first approach to web design.

People decide in just a fraction of a second whether to stay on your website or click away. Alongside elements like fast page loading, design plays a huge part in our first impressions - up to 94% according to one recent survey.

With high levels of competition, low user tolerance of sub-optimal websites, and Google making page experience a ranking factor, what are the elements you need to get right, and which will keep your website looking fresh and modern?

WebsiteBuilderExpert has identified 6 key trends for web design in 2021 in their infographic below:

  1. Photography with graphics
  2. Bold fonts
  3. Visual hierarchy
  4. Personalized and localized content
  5. Mobile-focused ecommerce
  6. Faster website load speeds

Source: WebsiteBuilderExpert

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