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Posted by Saby Salvatierra on 26 Mar, 2014
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Cancer Research raises £8m with #nomakeupselfie, the blog SEO quiz and our app of the week...

Keeping on track with this week's feature 3 advanced and easy ways to optimize SEO and Social Media. we spotted the "Blog SEO quiz - test your blog optimization knowledge" by Search Engine Watch. Author Shari Thurow says that SEO is plagued by myths, misconceptions, and mistaken beliefs - so if you think you know blog optimization tips and guidelines that are important for long-term search engine visibility and website usability, you should take the quiz - It's definitely a good refresher.

A quick SEO tip from Matt this week via Twitter,

“No need to delete your old disavow links file before uploading a new one. You can just upload the new one.” Why? “Some SEOs have been deleting the file first, then uploading new, which creates two emails, and sometimes that confuses folks.”

Last week’s story of the week was about the #nomakeup selfie. We’ve seen women posting bare faced selfies online for the past week, and even men have joined in with makeup selfies (and many taking other kinds of selfies) to raise awareness of prostate cancer. It was announced on Tuesday that Cancer Research had raised more than £8 million in just six days. There was also confusion over charities - with some people intending to donate to Cancer Research mistakenly texting “donate” instead of “beat” meaning the money went to Unicef UK

Mike Flynn from Unicef UK, said there had been a "genuine mixup" and it was working with Cancer Research UK to transfer £18,625 that was donated by mistake.

Those accidently texting “bear” found themselves inquiring about adopting a polar bear too. However, despite the errors Cancer Research UK said the donations would allow the charity to carry out 10 clinical trials that it did not have money to fully fund last week.

Harpal Kumar, chief executive of Cancer Research UK, said: 

"We don't receive any government funding for our research and so it is phenomenal to think that the generosity of the public is enabling us to fund critical research that we didn't have the money for six days ago. Being able to fund more trials will bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. It has been an exciting week, and we would just like to thank everyone again for their support."

Twitter once again provides a forum for its users to poke fun at the news - yesterday's story was about Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin releasing a joint statement that describing their “conscious uncoupling”. Any empathy was short lived, and the Internet reactions were hilarious. BuzzFeed kindly curated some of the best from Twitter. My favorite was one by @mrjamieeast "Just tried to unconsciously couple with the missus. Having none of it." 

Our app of the week goes to “Type Machine”. I recently read about the tool on TechCrunch and it automatically stood out to me as it saves everything you type in every app on your phone. We’ve all had those frustrating times when your app crashes or you accidently close it. Well, this eliminates that issue, you can easily go back and continue where you let off.  

A reviewer said:

“The search is over This app is amazing! I've encountered apps crashing or messaging apps that don't save data when minimized too many times. This app solves all that. You can recover anything now, never lose a speech, text, heartfelt note, report, web form data... ever again!”

It’s definitely a safe app and saves you from those screaming moments. Check it out and let me know how you find it.

See you all next week.