Stuff we like 10th June 2014

Posted by Mal Darwen on 11 Jun, 2014
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The growth of Social Gaming, a marketing quiz, and Negative SEO

Growth of the Gamers

Gaming on social networks (think Candy Crush Saga and Mafia Wars) is set to continue to grow at a large rate in the next few years. A new research report from states that the growth in tablet and smartphone users is going to give producers like King Digital, Zynga and Electronic Arts the opportunity to extend their reach pretty much worldwide as more and more of us while away our commuting (and other) time with bettering our high  scores… Read the press release at PR Web:


The Social Marketer’s Quiz

The Internet knows how much we like quizzes, so Circus Social have kindly obliged with the Social Marketer’s Quiz. From ethics to analytics, this will give you a rounded test of your skills, with rewards being unlocked along the way - and if you score highly enough, there are $4,000 worth of prizes, and the chance of a job interview with Ogilvy. How will you do?


Negative SEO hasn’t gone away

Barry Schwartz at Seoroundtable reports that negative SEO is alive and well, and is best expressed in a link profile. His post takes us through the steps of how to tank a site (don’t try this at home, kids…). Just over 50% of respondents to the online poll on the post said that they were able to negatively impact a third-party site. It’s not something that’s going to hit big brands easily, but it’s never going to hurt to keep a close eye on your link profile if you’ve got a smaller site to look after.


App of the week

There seems to be a football competition just about to start... FIFA have, of course, provided ways for you to keep updated on all of the games - both on iOS and Android. If you're into what many here in the UK call 'the beautiful game', then this will keep you well informed.

Game of Thrones fans, however, might like the Android Hodor keyboard app... I'll just leave that there for you.


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