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Posted by Wordtracker on 10 Jul, 2014
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Check out our SERP tracking friends

Have you heard about AuthorityLabs? If not, then it’s time to get to know Wordtracker’s SERP tracking friends. What’s so special about them? They are an advanced rank tracking tool that provides data on a site’s visibility in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. They have been focused on accurate and reliable SERP tracking for over 5 years, and have become the industry standard solution for this type of data and insight. The high quality of data and the ease of implementation leads many SEO tool providers to rely on AuthorityLabs as their main solution.

Daily ranking data

Search engines constantly tweak their algorithms and ranking factors, and tracking search results on a weekly or monthly basis just doesn’t cut it these days. AuthorityLabs updates data daily, so you’re not left wondering which day of the week or month a change happened that had an effect on your site’s rankings.



Local result tracking

The importance of local search has grown immensely in the last couple of years,  which means that SEO monitoring for location specific results is more important than ever. AuthorityLabs to tracks search results by city or postcode to show how a site is being presented to searchers in each specific location you’re tracking.

Track competing sites

Internet marketing tools now provides an unprecedented level of monitoring on where your competitors are focusing. This goes for their SEO campaigns as well. The ability to track competing sites and see which keywords they are focusing on improving rankings for, keywords that they may be neglecting, and understand how your own campaigns stack up is invaluable in today’s marketing climate.  AuthorityLabs even provides the ability for multiple competing sites to share the same keyword sets and compare the rankings of those sites side-by-side:


Reporting options for everyone

AuthorityLabs provides numerous options for reporting either internally or to clients. These features include:

  • Scheduled, recurring, or on-demand CSV exports
  •  PDF reports
  • Rank tracking API
  • Client or team member logins at no charge
  • Public URLs

They regularly provide tutorials on how to use the reporting features,  and how to format CSV exports in Excel and Google Spreadsheets.

Partner API

For those users who are looking to integrate AuthorityLabs into their own internal tools or software, they provide an API. The Partner API supplies data to agencies, SEO tool providers, and anyone looking for a more thorough view of the SERPs. This API offers both the raw HTML and a JSON formatted version of the top 100-120 results which is simple to quickly process for insights.  The Partner API can provide data for Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and a number of other niche data sources.

Now you know a bit more about them, keep your eyes peeled for a special offer coming next week!

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