How to attract clients with “tiny bits” of Information

Posted by Sean D'Souza on 29 Jul, 2014
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Sean D'Souza introduces us to the power of tiny

How tiny is tiny?

And how can tiny be really, really big?

Every time you write an article.

Every time you write a blog post.

Every time you make a presentation.

Every time you write a sales letter.

Every time you put your ideas into words, audio or video, you’re creating a product.


The problem is, we don’t see it as a product, let alone an info-product

We see that information as a ‘tiny-something-we-created,’ with limited value at best.

But this introduction is meant to get you to stop and think of the possibilities of every tiny scrap of information you’ve produced, or will produce. That tiny, rather insignificant bit of knowledge, is the key to creating info-products. 


Now don’t get me wrong

I’m not asking you to find the most powerful piece of information you’ve ever created. Instead, I’m asking you to take a dart and throw it at ‘anything’ you’ve created. Yes, anything. Because ‘anything’ and ‘everything’ you’ve ever created has value, if you know what to look for, how to brand and produce it, and then how to market it.


You think I’m kidding, right?

But let’s look at the Psychotactics site, for instance. When we began back in the year 2002, we had about 27 free articles. Now these were the first articles I ever wrote for Psychotactics. And they’ve been there ever since the site has been up. So to prove my point, let’s just take the first article in the list, which talks about the ‘Power Of Three.’ 


Let’s see what we can do with that article

1) Can we make that article into a report?

2) Can we create an audio that explains that article in reasonable detail?

3) Or can we create an audio that actually simply reads out the article as it is?

4) Can we create a video taking the concepts of that article in mind?

5) Can we make that article a prized-bonus? 

6) Can we make that article the core of our ‘bible’ to come?


If you’ve been nodding your head like crazy, you’ve just experienced the power of tiny. All this while, you’ve been looking to create this outstanding piece of information. And all this while tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of pieces of information are floating right in front of your eyes. 


And all the time, you’ve been waiting for that blockbuster

And I can tell you this for sure. You can wait forever. Or you can learn to recognise the power of tiny. Because even as you look at the rest of the articles on the Psychotactics site, you’ll see quite clearly that every one of them could go through the same process of being created into reports, into audio, into video, into presentations. And without exception, all of them can be turned into your ‘bible’. And of course, a doubt creeps into your mind. 

You’re not sure your pieces of information–those tiny pieces of information you have, have value. You think they’re kind of worthless, and you need to find something of greater worth. Which brings us to the concept: Is there something that’s worth more, than just the tiny scraps of information?


And the answer is no

All information has the propensity to go one inch wide, and one mile deep. While some of the information in your brain seems more complex and detailed than others, that very same information was once tiny and kinda worthless. Till it grew and morphed into something of great value.


Everything you know has value

The problem is you know too much.

Which is why we have to get ourselves a set of darts.

It’s time to find one point on the board.

One tiny, um, insignificant point. 


Welcome to the world of info-products!

A world where you’re already a sensei; a master at what you do.

Now it’s time to understand the value of what you do, and put it down in a medium that will get others to see that same value.

The value of tiny.

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