Graphic Design Trends 2024 [infographic]

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 3 Jan, 2024
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Explore the graphic design trends set to shape the creative landscape in 2024.

As technology continue to evolve, the world of design is also undergoing dynamic shifts with AI developing fast as a creative tool. VistaPrint's infographic, based on conversations with their design community, reveals the graphic design trends predicted to dominate in the coming year.

  1. Future fusion
  2. 3D hyper-surrealism
  3. Bento box grids
  4. Cluttercore
  5. Inflatable 3D
  6. Digital destruction
  7. Freehand revival
  8. Anime bold
  9. Garden cutouts
  10. Graphic graffiti

Graphic design trends 2024

Future fusion.



Inflatable 3D_Digital destruction.


Anime bold_Garden cutouts.

Graphic graffiti.

Source: VistaPrint

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