Google: product feeds available for more video campaign types

Posted by Wordtracker on 17 Nov, 2021
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Make your awareness and consideration Video campaigns shoppable with product feeds.

Video campaigns.

Google has announced that is extending product feeds to two further Video campaign types. This means brands will be able to show browsable images below video ads making these campaigns more shoppable. Coming just before the big holiday shopping season, it allows brands expand the way they can showcase products.

Previously, product feeds were only available for Video action campaign types but this extension makes them available also to awareness and consideration campaigns.

How it works

When a user sees your video ad, the panel below the ad automatically expands to showcase products. It currently only works when the user’s mobile device is in portrait mode.  When the user clicks on a product they are taken to the product landing page where they can find out more about the product or make a purchase.

Advertisers must submit a minimum of 4 images to a product feed.

Google Ads Help has step-by-step instructions on adding a product feed to your Video campaigns.

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