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Posted by Mark Nunney
Social media marketing
Microblog Your Way To Success With Twitter and Wordtracker - the leading keyword research tool.

Twitter is a powerful (micro)blogging site you can use to spread your message around the globe.

On Twitter you use no more than 140 characters to talk with friends, customers and followers about your life, products, brand and message.

Millions of people blog with Twitter. On your Twitter homepage (aka timeline) you can read the posts of those you choose to follow.

Twitterers (tweeps) who follow you can read your posts on their timeline. Twitter is a many-to-many conversation.

Join the conversation here. If it’s available, use your full name as your username, eg marknunney. Twitter is free.

@wordtracker is on Twitter. @mald brilliantly does most Wordtracker tweets.

Use ‘settings’ to pimp your background, add a profile pic, a URL, and write a short bio using the keywords with which you want to be found.

Use Twellow to find and follow people with similar interests. Some will follow you back. You’re networking already :)

Invite people to follow you with your email signature, blog, website. You and I can start talking at @marknunney.

On Twitter, tweeps are referred to like this @username. @marknunney will link to

Time you started tweeting. Be anything you like but be interesting, helpful and respond (I can track your RSS feed elsewhere).

Nobody wants to know what you had for lunch unless you’re a food critic or it’s part of an interesting story.

Twitter is primarily social. But so is business because people do business with people. So be a person not a press release.

If your tweets are interesting enough then you will be retweeted and what you say can spread around the globe.

Don’t spam.

You can tweet pictures with Twitter. Here’s me having fun in the snow again. This picture was uploaded via Twitpic, which no longer exists, but Twitter now makes it really easy (iphone cameras suck, don’t you think?).

You’ll find good contacts and business twittering. Tweeps help each other out. Most tweeps are good people.

Track your twitter stats at TwitterCounter.

You can tweet from your Twitter home page, desktop software, text from your phone, even by voice on your phone.

Find out what the world loves, hates, thinks, believes, feels, wishes.

Ask and answer questions with YouMatchUp.

Turn your lights off with Twitter.

Darth Vader twitters.

Lots of the Wordtracker team Twitter including: @marknunney, @mikemindel, @andymindel, @mcgaffin ...

Change the world with Twitter…

… halfway through the 08 US election @BarackObama was talking to 89,000 followers every day and @johnmccain had less than 1,700 followers.

I asked some Twitter pals to give you their best advice as tweets and they follow as retweets (RT) (add your own as a comment):

RT @lyndoman There is no one way to use twitter. Experiment, use creativity and develop a way which works for you and your goals

RT @chrisgarrett As my Granny used to say, you were given two ears and one mouth - work in that ratio PLUS there are no rules, don't let anyone say otherwise

RT @makakman Don't confuse Twitter with old skool Direct Marketing, think how you would feel about receiving the tweet you have in mind!

RT @onreact_com Focus on conversation, not monologue, to foster lasting connections. Only these people will support you.

RT @rafaelmarquez my contribution. don't worry abt ur nbr of followers, be useful, interesting, insightful and followers will come.

RT @rafaelmarquez also twitter purges fake/spammy accts regularly, so ur nbr of followers will vary.

RT @GuavaUK Twitter can be many things: Instant Messenger, Personalised RSS reader, Micro-blog, News source, Technical support or web mashup

RT @mtheodoulou Twitter Search = great market research tool. Gauge interest in a market, see who is talking about your product, and what they are saying.

Find who is talking about and retweeting you with a URL like this

You can read more about Twitter marketing here:


Meanwhile, are you following @Wordtracker yet?