Improve customer journeys with great video content

Video content is a more engaging alternative to text alone when carrying out social media or content marketing.

But it can actually play a substantial role in improving the customer journey. Research has shown that audiences remember video than plain text or sound recordings, creating a deeper level of engagement. This means marketers can use the medium to deliver messages that resonate. But marketing shouldn’t just be about sales, it should be about meeting the needs of the moment for customers at each stage of the buying cycle.

In the explainer video below, a post-purchase problem is being resolved, as the customer is shown how to connect their new gas bottle to a portable heater.

Producing walkthrough videos like this for the YouTube generation of homeowners is key to achieving brand recognition and gaining consumer trust, and an excellent example of how the customer journey can be improved with great video content. People no longer feel the need to rely on bulky manuals with complicated sketches when they can see the moving parts in action. We’re all visual learners, and video content is easy to digest, which is why Calor, in this case, commissioned their series of video guides.

This is only one element of the customer journey, though, and video can contribute throughout the overall ‘content pyramid’. At the top, there should be a high quality, emotionally led, brand film that conveys your message and succinctly shows what you’re all about. Next comes a layer of easier to produce content, segmented by audience. Lastly there should be a wide breadth of material that humanizes the brand. Let’s take a look at  these stages in more detail, and see how video can help at each of these customer connects.

Awareness raising

At this stage you will talk to your potential customers about how your products or services can solve their problems. Don’t be overeager to sell – aim to provide helpful advice that addresses real-world issues and pain points.

Detailed analysis

Having made an emotional connection, the detailed analysis stage means you now begin to show how your product works in relation to others which may be available. By providing detailed information and looking at other sites and services that are in the same bracket as your own, you’ll confirm to your audience that yours is the best solution on the market and right for them.

Build intent

The customer is serious about buying your product at this point, so give them rational reasons to reinforce why they should buy your product. Peer-to-peer influence is a huge factor in converting leads to customers, so share your success stories.You may choose to interview happy customers on camera and let them tell the world how and why you’re so brilliant. If prospective clients can see how you’ve helped those in a similar position to them, they’ll be encouraged to follow suit.

In the above case study, Telefónica demonstrate how and why innovative startups are choosing them as technology partners, giving prospective customers an insight into what it would be like to work alongside them.

The purchase

Your customer is ready to buy when they reach the purchase stage of their journey. Make it as easy as possible for them to do so and incentivize - perhaps by sending an email with a video offering a discount code.

Build the relationship

Show people how to use your product and tell them stories about how other customers are using theirs. Ask for feedback, get customers reviewing, get them engaged and make them a fan. Create a video saying ‘thanks’ and reaffirm that you’ll always be there to offer advice.

Getting the video right at all stages

Let your imagination run free; consider using a mix of use animations, interviews, real life footage and emotional storytelling to convey what you’re all about. If your product is complex, break it down and show the inner workings. If your product is simple, show how it shines in unexpected ways. Video provides the means to show the world just how good you are, so make the most of its power and create content that resonates every step of the way.