Filtering in the Keyword tool - video

A quick guide on how to use filters in the Keyword tool

Filtering with the Keyword tool couldn't be more straightforward, and here's a video to show you how. If you want to just read through, there's a transcript underneath.



The filters in the Keyword tool are there to help you zoom into the most relevant keywords in your result set. Sometimes there will be volumes that are low enough for you to not want to consider, or competition levels so high that you don't want to go up against them right now.

Just click to add a filter - we'll choose the Volume filter first. Use the handles either side of the bar to tune out the volumes you don't want to see, and hit 'apply'. The list updates immediately.

Competition, IAAT and KEI filters are just as easy to use - add, drag, and apply.

The Include and Exclude keyword filters are just as straightforward - in my 'tea' list, I might want to exclude 'tea party' keywords - just like this. Or, I might just want to see the 'green tea' keywords. It's possible, of course, to do some of this work in the seed box - we can exclude 'party' just by using a minus sign by the word 'party' in the main seed box, and we'll have a more focused list - or we can just search for 'green tea', but the filters can give you a better view of some of the micro-niches that you might want to target or research further.

Keyword Questions is probably the most powerful filter available. Select and apply this filter, and all you'll see are questions that searchers have asked on the Internet. These keywords are ideal for content creation - answer those questions effectively on your site and you're able to start a relationship with people through search.

Play around with the filters, and you'll soon see how their power and speed can make your research much more effective.