Google Search Console integration in Wordtracker's keyword tool

Get your GSC data hooked up to your Wordtracker account and broaden your keyword research insights.

How to connect

In the My Account section in the keyword tool, click on Integrations in the left navigation, and then on Connect.

GSC integration.

You'll be taken to a Google login screen.

Just enter your details, click on the confirmation button, and your GSC account will be connected.

You then need to choose which of your Google properties (sites) you'd like Google Search Console data for.

Select GCS property.

And that’s it - you’re ready to go!

You can change the property or disconnect your GSC account, should you ever wish to, via the same Integrations page in the tool.

Your search and results

GSC data will be included in your search by default.

To exclude GSC data, just go to the Settings icon at the end of the search bar and untick the box.

Search settings.

When you have your results, you have two filter options to display just GSC data.



The GSC-specific metrics you will see are the following:

Impressions: The number of times a result for your site was shown for this keyword search over the last month.

CTR: The click rate to your site as a percentage of impressions over the last month.

Position: Your average ranking for this keyword over the last month.