How video can help build trust in your ecommerce company

Ecommerce companies have to work harder to build trust and videos are a helpful tool in achieving this.

Video to build trust.

The way your customers bond with your brand is not that different from how they connect with other people. Take trust, for example. We usually trust people who are competent, knowledgeable, and who "get us."

Those same principles apply when it comes to trusting companies as well. We tend to rely on businesses that stand out as authorities in their field, and we often even feel touched by or invested in their founders’ dreams of innovation.

That said, not every company manages to generate trust in this manner. eCommerce businesses have it particularly hard in this area since, unlike brick-and-mortar shops, they don’t have “faces" representing them in most customer interactions.

It is a challenge that most digital businesses struggle with on a regular basis, but one that video content can help you overcome!

There are different types of videos that can help you convey these trustworthy characteristics we talked about and build trust in your products and services.

And in this article, you'll learn all about them, so let’s begin!

Types of video.

Displaying competence through quality content

In your everyday life, you may have noticed that how you say something is just as important as the message itself. Generally, this refers to the nuances that accompany our way of talking, but it applies in the same way to the quality of a video when it comes to video marketing.

You see, we usually assume that a first-rate company produces not only premium products but also top-notch content. To the point where we can hardly imagine one without the other.

Following this logic, the quality of your video becomes a reflection of the quality of your products or services.  

As a result, a poorly-made video may convey the wrong impression about your company and its products or services, leaving the viewer with an uncomfortable feeling of doubt rather than trust. On the other hand, a first-rate video is more likely to generate trust in the quality of your products or services.

To leave a good impression, try to elevate your video content’s quality. You may think about partnering with a professional video company or, if you are planning to produce videos regularly, having your own in-house team of video experts.

Whatever the case, make sure you provide your audience with custom videos explicitly built to convey reliability and competence through quality.

Showcasing expertise through educational content

There’s something very appealing about people who know a lot about a subject and speak of it passionately, isn’t there?

Probably the best part is how willing and enthusiastic they are about sharing their knowledge with others. Other people, in turn, appreciate the things they learn from them and value their expertise.

Once again, this is not that dissimilar from what happens with eCommerce businesses.

Those companies that provide educational videos that can benefit their audience, or simply explain to them the system and logic behind their value proposition, are usually regarded as authorities in their fields.  

This is because this type of content works as proof that the company knows their craft. As a result, their audience trusts them more than other brands that don’t share their knowledge.

There are two types of videos that work like a charm to convey expertise: explainer videos and tutorials.

You’ve probably seen both these video styles in action before – after all, they are both incredibly popular. But, let’s take a closer look.

Explainer videos

These video marketing gems can take any topic, no matter how complex, and boil it down into a simple explanation that your audience can understand – and even enjoy!  

Yes. When done right, explainers make for very entertaining pieces.

It sounds like magic, but it's not: it's just clever use of storytelling combined with self-explanatory visuals.

Tutorial videos

Popularly known as how-to videos, these pieces consist of instructions or tips on carrying out a specific process. They offer a practical value that's certain to be appreciated by your audience.

Generating empathy through culture videos

We usually think fondly of anyone that we can relate to. And I mean anyone: acquaintances, celebrities, fictional characters… and yes, companies too. It’s worth noting, though, that companies are at a fair disadvantage in that regard. After all, it’s not easy to feel empathy for a big corporation or a faceless business.

In these circumstances, images and texts are usually no good. The former are too static and the latter too faceless. In other words, they generally lack a human touch. But it’s a whole different story with videos. More precisely, with culture videos.

Also known as company stories, these pieces showcase the people that make your ecommerce business possible – the workforce – and the company’s values, mission, and vision.

When watching a culture video, viewers don’t see your brand as just a colorful logo. They see the faces of those who work behind it and the values they share. At the end of the day, company stories put forward your brand’s humanity, and that’s something your audience can relate to.

Creating confidence through testimonial videos

Imagine somebody that you just met ― let’s call him Greg – told you he is a great cook. You probably wouldn’t believe him straight away; he could be just a bragger. Now, imagine someone else jumped into the conversation, and they told you about the amazing meals Greg prepares. Would you still doubt his cooking skills? You'd probably start looking at him with more confidence, right?

You may be wondering what Greg’s cooking has to do with your customers’ trust. Well, this may blow your mind but… you are the Greg of the story. Your audience takes your words with a pinch of salt because, well, you wouldn’t talk yourself down.  

But don't despair! Just like with Greg's cooking, a second opinion can make your prospects change their minds. And here’s where customer testimonial videos come into play.

These videos consist of an interview with a former customer, who explains the problem they used to have and how your business helped them. This much-needed second opinion can give your prospects the extra nudge they may need to trust your company and give you a go.

The key to creating a testimonial video that converts lies in being sincere. No scripted answers, no hired actors, and no heavy editing. We've all watched fake testimonial videos before – probably in the form of TV infomercials – and let’s face it: they probably do the opposite of generating trust.

To sum up

Let’s do a quick recap of the lessons we’ve learned today:

  • Top-notch videos act as indicators of high quality products
  • Sharing quality educational video content proves you know your craft
  • Company stories provide a more human perspective on your brand, generating empathy
  • Testimonial videos help reinforce trust in your brand thanks to the relatively unbiased opinion of someone who has used your products or services.

When it comes down to it, the way we connect with brands isn't that much different from how we bond with other people. It’s challenging, though, when you only appear through a computer or device screen. It's something many ecommerce businesses have to deal with.

Luckily, video content allows a business to show its expertise and the faces behind the brand, bridging the distance between them and their customers.