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Top Keywords Reports

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What are the top keywords people are using to search your market?

Our in-depth Keywords Reports are an essential tool for you to:

  • Spot new trending searches which can be registered as domain names to capture targeted traffic
  • Identify upcoming trends for new niche business
  • Get a detailed understanding of your market’s language so you can better communicate with potential customers
  • Spot trending keywords in a specific territory to better understand the market

The high volume keywords reports draw on Big Keywords Data from Wordtracker’s huge database of search terms. Each report can be customized by:

  • Volume (10,000 – 100,000)
  • Location (country)
  • Time (month)

Order your Keywords report today, and discover the true keywords for your market.

Custom reports

If you need Big Keywords Data with advanced segmentation and in-depth insight, we can create custom reports for up to 350 million keywords.

We can provide large scale custom reports segmented down to country or city, to give an incredible level of detail. We can even segment down to the day or even hour.

Our flexible custom reports can provide you with detail on:

  • The top searches conducted by individual city, over weekends
  • The top 10,000 searches from 5pm – 8pm every weekend for any country or city
  • The most searched for websites in the US on a Saturday afternoon
  • The most highly searched domains, including .com, .org or .edu on a weekly basis
  • Top searches for seed terms, segmented by city and day
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