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Looking for a powerful keyword search API?

The Wordtracker API gives developers the ability to build tools and applications that interact directly with Wordtracker’s huge keyword database of 3.5 billion search terms (350 million unique keywords).

Direct access to our API gives you and your clients the ability to:

  • Power your tools, SEO and marketing to give you and your customers a competitive edge
  • Generate detailed keywords reports for a specific territory or time, to better understand your market and spot business opportunities
  • Identify new business market trends so that you can profit from domain registration opportunities

Full access to our huge database

When you’re hooked up our API, you get unfiltered access to our huge database of 3.5 billion search terms (350 million unique keywords). We hand the power right over to you. Our data is drawn from a number of sources including major search engine advertising networks.

The fuel to power your tools

Our API provides the reliable keyword source you need to power your tools, and deliver what your customers need.

The Wordtracker API is fully scalable, so that whatever the size of you business, we can deliver:

  • Deep insight into the profitable keyword long tail to raise conversion levels
  • An historic database
  • Global coverage, with over one hundred countries, so that you can fully engage with international markets


Plan type Free Entry Standard Enterprise
Cost Per Month None $99 $499 $1,000
Included Units 500 2000 20,000 100,000
Price per additional unit $0.05 $0.02 $0.01
Throttle (per hour) 250 2,600 - -

Call Pricing

Each call can return up to 2,000 results depending on data available.

Calls are priced per 100 seed keywords. So a call can contain up to and including 100 seed terms. However a call with 101 seed keywords will be charged as 2 calls.

Units* Entry Standard Enterprise
Search (Volume only) 10 $0.50 $0.20 $0.10
Additional Metrics 2 $0.10 $0.04 $0.02

Additional metrics can be added to the base call for more information, such as KEI, IAAT & Competition

Check out the docs for more info.

Example pricing per seed keyword

Units* Entry Standard Enterprise
Search 0.1 $0.005 $0.002 $0.001
Additional Metrics 0.02 $0.010 $0.004 $0.002

Our management solution

Our management solution is fast and flexible. We give you full control over API usage, access to our database and your own dashboard to monitor usage.

Get started Check out the docs