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Wordtracker Reviews

With Wordtracker's powerful Keywords tool, you'll be able to:

  • Find thousands of relevant keywords instantly!
  • Identify your site's SEO problems
  • Track your position in Google's search results (for up to 100 keywords)
  • Drive more traffic, sales and revenue for your business

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 Here's what people are saying about Wordtracker:

Danny Sullivan

"If you are serious about search engine optimization, then Wordtracker is an essential investment, a must have resource for any search engine marketing professional."

Danny Sullivan,

Ian Spencer

"Wordtracker is a wonderful keyword research tool … If you want more traffic to your site or just want to better understand what your market is looking for you should explore Wordtracker."

Ian Spencer,

John Jantsch

"We found keywords for clients that no one is currently competing on, which is pretty cool … It is well worth the money."

John Jantsch,

Walt Yates, SEM Manager

"“Wordtracker has been, and continues to be, a tremendous help to Park Seed's e-commerce marketing initiatives. It is now a required tool for any and all web promotions.” "

Walt Yates, SEM Manager,

David Lee

"I just love the "related keywords" feature of Wordtracker. That feature alone is worth the price to me. "

David Lee,

Marc Taubman, Director of Sales

"I did the seven day trial a while back and after a couple of hours I signed up for the monthly subscription.  And it is AWESOME!!! "

Marc Taubman, Director of Sales,

Karl Ribas

"Wordtracker's Keyword Tool is an ideal candidate for anyone looking for an affordable and relevant research tool. I recommend giving it a shot." (And much other stuff in the article

Karl Ribas,

Find the best keywords for your business

With Wordtracker's powerful Keywords tool you'll be able to:

  • Quickly find money-making long tail keywords
  • Run automatic SEO site audits
  • Monitor your position in Google's search results (for up to 100 keywords)
  • Generate more traffic, sales and profit from your website

Rosalind Gardiner

"Ultimately, I use both Google’s Keyword Tool and Wordtracker. I use Google for quick and dirty searching and Wordtracker for fine-tuning. To me, that “fine-tuning” is worth the price of maintaining a subscription year after year."

Rosalind Gardiner,

Michael Murray

"Your product is exceptional and offers instant perspective that helps our clients grow their businesses. We can't believe how easy it is to use your tool and data. Your service is outstanding."

Michael Murray,

Alexander Gray

"Wordtracker has been key to our success. It has helped us convert our long-standing knowledge of the Caribbean travel industry into visibility on the net.”

Alexander Gray,

Mike DeTuncq, President/CEO

"We could not get the traffic increases we’ve had without doing a fairly good job of optimizing our site for the terms that people are searching for. That optimization starts with keyword research. Over the last 4 years Wordtracker has by far been our most valuable keyword research tool.”

Mike DeTuncq, President/CEO,

Joe Friedlein, Director

"Not only do we use Wordtracker for all our clients’ needs, it has proved invaluable for our own website optimisation. In an incredibly competitive market, using Wordtracker has helped us identify key phrases that have a proven volume of searches each day.”

Joe Friedlein, Director,

Dave Berndtson, President, Net power Marketing, Inc

"In today's competitive world you can not guess at search behavior. Before you allocate budget you need to know search behavior. Wordtracker gives us this competitive edge.”

Dave Berndtson, President, Net power Marketing, Inc,

David Frieslander

"I would have no hesitation after at least 6 years of subscribing to Wordtracker to recommend it to anyone.”

David Frieslander,

Jayne Cremasco

"A few hard lessons learned have made us realize the value in using Wordtracker on a regular basis. With all of the variables Google throws our way, in this extremely competitive industry, a solid, reliable tool such as wordtracker is invaluable. We use it on our own sites and we recommend it to our clients.”

Jayne Cremasco,


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