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Link Building Made Easy

Make no mistake about it: if you want to speed your site to the top of the search engine listings, you're going to need inbound links. In fact, Google, king of the major search engines, states unequivocally that "the quantity, quality and relevance of links count towards your rating."

And according to search marketing guru Aaron Wall, "Link building is going to be the SEO trump card for the foreseeable future."

In fact, inbound links give you double benefits - first, it boosts your search engine rankings and second, it brings potential visitors direct to your site.

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But Here's Where It Gets Tricky…

Not all links are created equal. In the land of link building, quality reigns supreme – it's much more important than quantity. Getting a small number of inbound links from relevant, authoritative sites can greatly improve your site's rankings, while dozens of links from lower-tier sites can prove next to useless.

Obtaining quality links from a diverse range of websites is the ultimate objective of any link building strategy. It's also one of the biggest challenges SEOs and website owners face today. Why? Because trying to separate good sites from worthless ones is no easy task. Truth be told, searching for quality links can be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

The best pages to get a link from will themselves have a high number of inbound links. This high number ensures that these pages:

  • are popular and likely to be authoritative
  • have human visitors who are likely to click through to your site and
  • will pass on 'link juice' to you (since Google already considers them an authority)

Here's something else to consider: not only do you want to find high quality link prospects; you want to find sites that will act quickly to create a link back to your site. That way you get an immediate return on your efforts.

So what is the best, most efficient way to find promising link prospects – those that will bring you fast, measurable business results? Better yet, once you do start building quality inbound links, how can you effectively measure and refine your strategy so that you're always one step ahead of your competitors?

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The Answers Lie with Link Builder

Link Builder is an exciting new tool from Wordtracker, designed to help you instantly identify your best link prospects - and build a linking campaign that exponentially grows your online presence.

With Link Builder, finding quality link prospects has never been easier. In just minutes, you can uncover thousands of credible, relevant links that will accelerate your climb in the search engine rankings – faster than you ever thought possible!

How Does Link Builder Help You?

With a premium Link Builder subscription, you'll be able to:

  • see who's linking to your web pages
  • see who's linking to your competitors' pages
  • understand your competitors' strategies and how effective they are
  • filter your searches to find the links you want
  • cherry-pick the best links and save them into a campaign
  • target a specific sector
  • build and manage as many campaigns as you want

Just as importantly, Link Builder helps you use this data to create your own intelligent linking strategy, one that will crank up your website's performance and ultimately lead to more traffic, conversions and profits.

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The Link Builder tool provides four major advantages that help you overcome the challenges of successful link building. With Link Builder, you have the ability to:

  1. Quickly find relevant link prospects – sites that could link to yours
  2. Evaluate these prospects to concentrate your efforts on the best
  3. Organize your link prospects into campaigns and keep track of whom you've contacted
  4. Analyze sites that rank well for a particular keyword

Advantage #1: Quickly find relevant link prospects

By analyzing the competitive landscape, Link Builder helps you find quality link prospects - quickly. See how many sites already link to your competitors, how many links they provide, and which sites bring the most search engine benefit.

Using this information, you'll be able to find quality sites that could link to yours.

Let's imagine that you're marketing a new website for a local coffee shop in Seattle. You want to start ranking for your important keywords and want to know where your competitors get their links. Let's look at the links that some of your larger, more established competitors get:

Link Builder - find links to

Figure 1. Using Link Builder, you can find and analyze the links that your competitors get - then target them in your own campaigns

Here are the results for those competing sites:

Link Builder - link analysis

Figure 2. With Link Builder, you can examine the links for a whole site (as shown), or single out a particular page on a competitor's site

Link Builder helps you assess your competitors' link building strategies. You'll quickly be able to:

  • identify how many other websites are linking to your competitors' sites, or even a particular page on their site
  • analyze your competition (that's anyone ranking above you for a particular keyword) to see the number - and the quality - of their inbound links
  • analyze the pages that are competing with you in the search engine rankings to see what inbound links they have – and which links are pushing them to the top of search engine results

By incorporating this knowledge into your own campaign, you can ensure that your link building plans piggyback on your competitors' hard work!

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Advantage #2: Evaluate your link prospects to find the best

With Link Builder, finding your ideal link targets is a snap. Simply type in a keyword you'd like to rank for – and Link Builder will give you a list of the target sites in your sector. You'll get up to 1,000 potential new link targets with every search!

To help you find the best links, we take out the links that don't help you, including:

  • No-follow links
  • Deleted links
  • Image links
  • Mentions
  • Alt text
  • Redirect

That leaves you with only those domains that provide the type of text links search engines love. And, as we mentioned earlier, getting a small number of links from relevant, authoritative pages can have a tremendous impact on your site's rankings.

Link Builder ranks every link, so it's easy to find high quality targets for your campaigns. Or, by applying a simple Link Builder filter, you can easily locate specific sites (such as those that end in .edu or .gov) in your marketplace.

Let's look at our coffee shop example again. This time, we're looking at links to a competitor, seattlesbest.com, that contain the text .edu.

Link Builder - find sites linking to

Figure 3. Link Builder helps you find well respected, relevant websites to target in your linking strategy – in this case, we've filtered out the .edu sites that link to seattlesbest.com

Search engines love sites that are continually updated – so blogs can make great link targets. With Link Builder, you can quickly identify, organize and save target lists of those all-important blogs.

Link Builder - blogging links

Figure 4. A selection of the blogging sites that link to www.starbucks.com – blogs make great link targets

A keyword search on Link Builder triggers a link analysis of the top 10 search results on Google – providing invaluable competitive information. So, you can collect blogs that link to starbucks.com and blogs that link to seattlesbest.com - and then save them as link prospects for your own blog campaigns.

With Link Builder, searching on any established brand term can provide you with thousands of opportunities!

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Advantage #3: Easily organize your link prospects into campaigns

The visionary behind the Link Builder tool is Ken McGaffin, Wordtracker's chief marketing officer and a sought-after link building expert. With decades of proven experience - as an SEO consultant for some of the world's foremost brands - Ken has designed a tool specifically to make link building simpler, more efficient and more effective.

With Link Builder's intuitive, web-based interface, it's easy to create multiple, targeted linking campaigns from the ground up. You can have a blog campaign, an academic campaign, an article campaign, a news campaign, a directory campaign and a social media campaign. You can even design campaigns to match (or outdo) your competitors'.

Link Builder lets you save as many projects and run as many campaigns as you like. There's no limit. Whether you're building links for one site or hundreds – you won't pay any extra. Manage all of your linking campaigns in one place... now what could be easier than that?

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Advantage #4: Analyze sites that rank well for a particular keyword (so you can mimic their linking strategy)

Link Builder lets you analyze your competitors' links around any keyword you choose.

Search on a particular keyword, such as Seattle coffee shop, and Link Builder will find the top 10 websites on Google's search results page for that keyword. It will also tell you the number of websites that link to those pages. So, for any keyword, you can see the competition you face.

Link Builder - search on a keyword

Figure 5. Search on a keyword – in this case, Seattle coffee shop – and you'll find thousands of new link targets

What's more, if you know that a particular keyword is already bringing you solid sales, Link Builder will help you determine what you need to do to improve your ranking. As any professional search engine marketer will tell you, it's easier to build on your success than to start trying to rank for a new and untested keyword.

So, if you're already ranking for the keyword Seattle coffee shop, Link Builder can show you:

  • which pages rank ahead of you
  • how many sites link to those competing pages
  • which sites those links come from

As a result, you'll be able to discover why you're being outranked for your most important keywords. Then you can get to work building a list of relevant link prospects - and start reversing that trend!

Let's look at the results for a search on Seattle coffee shop:

Link Builder - keyword results

Figure 6. Zokacoffee.com comes out at the top of Google rankings for the keyword Seattle coffee shop: Link Builder can show you the links that take Zoka coffee to that top spot

Other tools may provide raw link analysis, but let's face it: you need to be an SEO expert to know what to do with it. Link Builder provides no-nonsense, practical information that virtually anyone can use to simplify and enhance their search marketing efforts.

Who Should Be Using Link Builder?

  • Website owners who want to build links that attract more visitors and potential customers
  • Website editors who want to establish their site as an authority
  • Search engine marketers who need an easy-to-follow method for creating successful link building campaigns

So What's a Tool like this Worth to You?

Consider the fact that Link Builder gives you 1,000 potential link targets with every search. Not to mention, it helps you keep tabs on your competitors, create and manage multiple linking campaigns, and measure and monitor your results. All without the guesswork, and without spending hours upon hours researching websites to see if they're link-worthy.

What would this kind of comprehensive link building support be worth to you?

Given all of the above, you might easily be willing to pay $250 a month to be able to fast-track your ascent to the top of search engine listings. And you would surely pay $100 a month…right?

But the cost of a subscription to Link Builder is an astoundingly low $69 a month. That's just $2.26 a day!

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For the price of a cup of coffee, you can have 24/7 access to exclusive linking insights, available only through Link Builder.

Steal valuable traffic from your fiercest competitors…generate more sales and revenue…and establish your brand as a leader in your market space…all for just $2 a day.

And as if all of this wasn't reason enough to subscribe to Link Builder, there's more.

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That's right – sign up for our free, 7-day trial of Link Builder today and get a collection of business-boosting bonuses that are only available from Wordtracker!

Here's what you'll get:

Bonus #1: Link Building Basics Guide (Value - $19)

As the internet becomes more competitive and businesses continue to expand their online presence, more and more website owners are asking, "How do I improve my rankings on Google?" They know it's important to appear prominently in search engine results - but they don't know how to get the inbound links they need.

Written by link building expert (and Wordtracker CMO) Ken McGaffin, our "Link Building Basics" guide tells you how to use Link Builder to effectively manage your link building campaigns and propel your website to the top of search engine listings. You'll learn:

  • Why link building is so vital
  • How to analyze your own site and formulate a successful linking strategy
  • How to evaluate your competitors' linking efforts
  • How to get inbound links – guaranteed!

During your first week of using Link Builder, we'll send you easy-to-follow articles packed with screenshots and practical advice - so you can quickly turn your site into a profitable, sales-generating machine!

Bonus #2: Link Building Webinar (Value - $49)

Sign up for a trial today and you'll receive an exclusive invitation to Ken McGaffin's Link Builder webinar. He'll discuss:

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  • How to get people to use your keywords when they link to your site
  • How Google Analytics can support your link campaigns

Want a second opinion on your link building strategy? Wondering why you're not beating the competition in the search engines? Ken will give you clear insights and practical advice – it's the same information he's provided to his large consultancy clients for thousands of dollars – but you'll be getting it for free!

These rare and valuable bonuses are only available when you sign up for a Link Builder trial – and you must respond within 48 hours to claim them.

Ready to Make Headway with Your Link Building Efforts?

With Link Builder, you can:

  • Stop wasting your time on poor-quality links – and start finding the best link prospects in any market.
  • Uncover your competitors' link building strategies and beat them at their own game.
  • Evaluate your own link profile - and see how you can turn this information into hundreds of top quality link prospects.
  • Find out why you're being outranked on your most important keywords - and what you can do about it.
  • Find the online community around any topic and establish your brand presence.
  • Keep discovering more and more link prospects in lucrative niche markets.

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